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German flagWillkomen!

Welcome to my Germany Trip web site! My friend, Elsie McGrath and I travelled to Germany July 5-16, 2010. In these web pages, I hope to share with you a few of the many wonderful experiences we had on that trip. Both of us can trace our ancestry to Germany and specifically to the Black Forest region so we focused our time in Germany in the areas around Frankfurt, Freiburg and then to Nesselried about an hour north of Freiburg.

There were times when each of us experienced a sense of coming home, of rootedness and connectedness to our family histories. We were awed by the beauty of the area — in the cities, villages and the natural areas — as well as the sense of history. And we were especially blessed to have wonderful guides and caretakers along the way beginning with my good friend Hermann Schirm and his wife Waltraud, who not only welcomed us, but with much care on Hermann's part, made sure that we experienced what we wanted and ensured that at every stop we had people who would offer us incredible hospitality and share with us the beauty of Germany.

I have listed the days of our trip in the left hand column. Each link will take you to a narrative of what we did that day as well as links to slide shows, sometimes short videos, and web sites giving further descriptions of areas we visited. I will be adding one day at a time as well as new links, so this is a work in progress. Come back to see how well I'm doing!


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Note: all videos on this site can only be accessed using the link provided. Please do not download any videos without my consent. Danke!


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