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Gandhi's Seven Deadly Social Sins

Workshop given by Pat Carter at Mercy Center,
St. Louis, MO April-May 2007

all materials are copyrighted © 2007 Pat Carter
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Seven Deadly Social Sins

Politics without Principle

Wealth without Work

Pleasure without Conscience

Knowledge without Character

Business without Morality

Science without Humanity

Worship without Sacrifice



Session I
Timeline of Gandhi's Life
The Beatitudes
Terms/Gandhi's Philosophy
Seven Deadly Social Sins
Theological Reflection
Seven Deadly Social Sins Explained
Universal Greeting

Session II
Wisdom Circle
Major Catholic Documents on Social Justice
Key Principles of Catholic Social Teaching
Quotes from Social Justice Documents on Care for the Earth

Gandhi and Deep Ecology
Gandhi and Self-Realization

Session III
Weaving a Universal Thread
Two Feet of Social Action
Benedict XVI on Non-Violence

Session IV
Wage Peace
Gandhi's Contributions to Modern Spirituality

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